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Bombyx is a powerful aphrodisiac which increases sexual performance in men - guaranteed Boost your Sex Drive with Lewtress Bombyx. There is simply no excuse any longer for poor performance in bed, this product works time and time again for thousands of satisfied customers.
We are so confident this product will work for you we offer a 100% money back guarantee. All of our aphrodisiacs are effective, and like music or wine, there is an element of personal preference. Lewtress Bombyx is one of the most powerful male aphrodisiacs we sell. Be rid of erectile dyfunction now.
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Bombyx Mori - Male Aphrodisiac

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Bombyx Mori - Male Aphrodisiac
12 Capsules - introductory price$46.95
Trial pack - 2 capsules$13.95

Boost your Sex Drive and confidence -
100% money back guarantee

Go for Gold with Bombyx Mori!

Lewtress Bombyx Mori Complex has made a name for itself as one of the most powerful alternatives to Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, the big difference is that Bombyx Mori L complex is all natural, so side effects are rare.

One of the most popular uses for Lewtress Bombyx Mori is as a recreational sex enhancer. More and more people are turning to supplements like this to give them the confidence to keep going for longer while maintaining a rock hard erection long into the night.

Other people use Bombyx Mori to treat a very serious, but all too common condition. Erectile dysfunction, or impotence as it is more widely known, is a condition that prevents a man achieving and maintaining a sustained erection. There can be many reasons for this such as:- High Blood pressure medication, anti depressants, physical injury, surgery, side effects from medication, drug abuse, alcohol and even stress. Whatever the reason the results are still the same, loss of libido, confidence, self-esteem and in some of the worst cases, depression.

Our own trials have shown Lewtress Bombyx Mori complex to be as much as twice as effective as the others, with people reporting effects are lasting up to 3 days and a rock hard erection as and when required, not bad for just one small golden capsule!

What this means is that people suffering from erectile dysfunction can now benefit from a restored confidence and renewed self- esteem. Whatever your age, regain that youthful virility and discover spectacular performance with Bombyx Mori Complex.

As a company, we are always on the lookout for genuine aphrodisiacs and performance enhancers that actually work. There is so much on the market today that it can all get quite confusing, which is why we only stock a select few of the very best of these products, all tried, tested and proven.

Bombyx Mori 'L' complex is a 100% natural sexual enhancement formula.

Each capsule contains 390 mg of active ingredients and it will work, for most people, in just 45 minutes.

We are sure that once you have tried Bombyx you will never need to use anything else.
Each pot contains 12 easy to swallow capsules. Trial packs of 2 capsules are also available.

Suggested intake: 1 capsule only - from 40 min to an hour or so before sexual activity. Adult male use only.
Do not take if you suffer from high blood pressure (not controlled) or have a heart condition.

We dispatch all our products in plain unmarked packaging.

100% Money back guarantee for first time buyers!! If you are not delighted with Bombyx Mori simply send the packet back to us within 10 days from date of receipt and we will refund your original purchase cost. No more than two capsules may have been consumed for money back guarantee to apply. This does not apply to the trial packs.

12 Capsules - introductory price$46.95
Trial pack - 2 capsules$13.95
Lewtress Aphrodisiac Trial Pack Trio

Lewtress Aphrodisiac Trial Pack Trio

Not sure which aphrodisiac to choose?

Try a trial pack of three of our best selling Aphrodisiacs!

Bombyx Mori, Eurycoma & Malaysian Ginseng Complex.

Everyone is different, and everyone will have their own idea of which aphrodisiac suits them best. Take the guesswork out of the equation by trialing three of our best sellers. You will then have a very clear idea of which one suits you best.

New to our range is the Bombyx Mori Complex, so far it is having quite an impact, with people reporting a dramatic improvement in performance lasting up to 3 days.
Like the others, Bombyx is a ‘Take when required’ product, 1 capsule only, an hour or so before activity.
2 capsules of Bombyx per trial pack.

Eurycoma complex is an extremely potent herbal complex designed to help improve men's health and vitality.
Tests have shown it to be even more effective than the blue 'V' pill, but with many other benefits. It is designed to be taken only when required but effects would be greatly enhanced if already on Horny Goat Weed on a daily basis.
4 capsules of Eurycoma per trial pack.

Malaysian Ginseng Complex is packed full of energetic,potent, botanical herbs. 20% more effective than Eurycoma Longifolia, Malaysian Ginseng Complex is quite palatable & easily dissolvable on the tongue or mixed with a little warm water for a rapid effect.
4 capsules of Malaysian Ginseng Complex per trial pack.

Suggested intake:

Bombyx Mori
, 1 capsule an hour or so before activity. Not to be taken by anyone with a heart complaint or high blood pressure. Not to be taken by anyone under the age of 18 or by pregnant women.

Eurycoma and Malaysian Ginseng Complex, 1 or 2 capsule 45 minutes before activity. Not to be used by those with heart conditions. Not to be taken by anyone under the age of 18 or by pregnant women.

If in doubt consult your doctor.

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