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Mark Richardson

Bombyx Mori L.
I thought this would be a scam. Another mix of well known ingredients that have little or no effect but I hadn't heard of this before. So I bought a trial pack. And I'm glad I did. I'm getting older and things don't work quite as well as I'd like. Wow. It was great. Did the trick. It works. What more can I say. And the effect lasts more than 24 hours so ready to go again.


Bombyx Mori Ultra
Super hard and confident. Have used this product and it never you confidence and power..apart from a mild flush there are no side effects...just hard erections all the way..

Matthew Witt

Bombyx Mori L.
Blimey, I was sceptical of this product but thought I’d try the trail pack of 2 tablets.
It actually really works. I’ve used Via**a before but this product knocks spot of that.


Fantastic company to deal with I buy the Bombyx Mori L tablets always in stock and 9 times out of 10 arrive the next day and they do the what they say they will do great product tried various other products including Via**a and they just dont work for me.

Mr A J R Deacon

Lewtress service and product range is perfect. Bombyx is most effective with a surprisingly long lasting after-glow as much as 24 hours later.


Horny Goat Weed and Bombyx Mori L have changed my life - Lewtress provides great products and great service - "reliable and trustworthy" are good words to describe Lewtress.

The Boy

This was a repeat order simply because Lewtress products work the first time and everytime and when they say next day delivery/same day dispatch, they REALLY mean it!
Having tried literally dozens of herbs, hypnotherapy, potions and lotions, their Bombyx Mori L capsules remain the only non-drug solution I have found to the horrible, frustrating and embarassing problem of Erectile Dysfunction.
Just to be clear, the Bombyx gives incredible lesults for about 48 hours WITH JUST HALF A TABLET! When you factor that in, they work out much cheaper than other "solutions" which don't even work. I've gone from "please wake up" to "watch me spin off the flor bely down, no hands no feet"! LOL

Mr Robert Beere

The Bombyx Mori pills have a good and long lasting effect on the male libido. There are no unpleasant side effects. There is no need to take the pills as a course. All in all a very good product.

Anthony Hawkins

I have order Bombyx mori L 3 Times now and it has always arrived the next day and the service is excellent, the product is also excellent.


Bombyx Mori - Fast delivery and product works a treat. Would strongly recommend to any man who "needs a bit of help"

Colin Pickering

I have tried other remedies but nothing comes close to Bombyx Mori L very reliable and would recommend these capsules to anyone


Bombyx mori. What a product, this really works. I'm a 43 year old man who works seven days a week sometimes 15 hours a day. Which I think was the reason for my lost sex drive some days I couldn't even get hard. Well not anymore half a capsule and in 40 mins I'm ready to go n go n go. Amazing.


Bombyx Mori is a great product ... I have purchased from Lewtress for several years, their service is very efficient and I normally receive my order here to my home in Spain in 5/6 days . The product I principally buy is Bombyx Mori and for me it produces exactly the results claimed for it , without any side effects, and the effect of one tablet does last for 2/3 days. As a matter of interest, some years ago I suffered a heart attack and subsequently had bi-pass surgery, so before taking this for the first time I asked my doctor, who was happy to say 'no problema'.

P Lewis

Purchased Bombyx Mori L from Lewtress. The product arrived in good condition with in the time limits stated. The product for me worked very well.

Chris J

Top quality ingredients that really do work. Very impressed with what I have bought. Malaysian ginseng, Bombyx Mori L, Eurycoma all very very good

Mr S Collins

Excellent product and quick delivery.
I have used Lewtress on numerous occasions for various products and have always been extremely satisfied. Delivery is always very prompt. I would not hesitate to use them again.

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