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Stress induced ED issues? Get your Sex Drive back. Lewtress Bombyx Ultra has been specially developed during the pandemic. Unique stresses have arisen which may be causing lowered cortisol levels in some men. The end result is a diminishing sex drive and reduced bedroom performance. Regain your libido with Bombyx Ultra.
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Bombyx ULTRA complex

Bombyx ULTRA complex
1 Pack - 12 capsules$49.95
Trial Pack 4 capsules$19.95

New Higher Potency Formula

Boost your Sex Drive - 100% money back guarantee

Since the pandemic, men's testosterone levels have perhaps dropped due to the extreme stress of the situation. Stress can cause high cortisol levels which unfortunately can lower testosterone production, drastically affecting sex drive and performance.

Several of our customers asked us for a Bombyx supplement that could help to combat the side effect of high stress levels caused by cortisol levels becoming imbalanced. Many loyal customers were involved in the new Bombyx Ultra development testing. Their feedback during 2021 was extremely helpful and valuable in formulating Bombyx Ultra Complex.

The range of Lewtress Bombyx supplements for men’s health have different versions and different strengths depending on the physical need.

As with all our Bombyx range there will be one to suit you, remember we are all physiologically different.

For customers who find these capsules too strong, try Bombyx Mori L for a milder effect
We also offer Bombyx in a daily version Bombyx Daily

Have you felt your libido flagging, despite trying the usual supplements, and just can’t understand why? Bombyx Ultra Complex with its more intense effect may be the right one for you.

Lewtress Bombyx Ultra helps restore flagging male confidence, therefore vastly improving your sex life. Discover renewed performance, stronger and longer lasting erections and a new you with this newly developed product.  supporting information can be read here

Lewtress Bombyx Ultra complex is a 100% herbal sexual enhancement formula.

Each veg capsule contains 505mg of active ingredients and it will work, for most men, from just 30 to 45 minutes.

Each pack contains 12 easy to swallow capsules. Trial packs of 4 capsules are also available, (packaging may vary from illustration).

Suggested intake: 1 capsule an hour or more before intended activity. Adult male use only.
CAUTIONS - Not recommended for anyone with a heart condition, under medical supervision, or who has uncontrolled high blood pressure without first consulting their GP or health care provider.


We dispatch all our products in plain unmarked packaging.

100% Money back guarantee for first time buyers!! If you are not delighted with Bombyx Mori Ultra simply send the packet back to us within 10 days from date of purchase and we will refund your original purchase cost. No more than two capsules may have been consumed for money back guarantee to apply. Our money back guarantee does not apply to trial packs or goods returned after 10 days from date of purchase.

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1 Pack - 12 capsules$49.95
Trial Pack 4 capsules$19.95
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