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damiana female aphrodisiac Damiana helps with nervous exhaustion, hormone balance and sexual function. Damiana is suitable for both sexes.

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Lewtress Damiana Aphrodisiaca 5000mg Capsules
Lewtress Damiana Aphrodisiaca
5000mg Capsules
1 Pot (60 capsules)$36.95
2 Pots (120 capsules)$66.25
3 Pots (180 capsules)$93.95

Nervous exhaustion and hormone balance

Equivalent to 5000mg per capsule - over 8 times more potent than other brands!

Lewtress' unique Damiana formula is suitable for both sexes. For women it can help balance hormone levels and even aid nervous exhaustion. This could be of some help when experiencing PMT or menopausal discomfort. One study suggests that Damiana may have plant compounds with effects similar to those of progesterone.

Damiana Aphrodisiaca originates mostly from South America. For a long time now this herb has become widely known as a potent aphrodisiac. Lewtress Damiana formula contains a substance called seta-bitoserol which is believed to help reignite desire and pleasure in the sexual organs.

Lewtress Damiana supplement is also used for asthma, anxiety, depression, headache, and menstrual disorders.

For men, research confirms that Lewtress Damiana is able to improve sexual dysfunction in men by relaxing the small muscles within the artery walls of the penis. It is crucial for the arteries to be relaxed and allow increased blood flow through them, it is this increase in blood flow that causes an erection.

The benefits of Lewtress Damiana capsules:-

  • Known to have aphrodisiac qualities.
  • An aid to hormonal balance.
  • Nerve tonic, combats nervous exhaustion.
  • Anti-depressant.
  • Urinary antiseptic.
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
  • Free from any fillers, additives or preservatives of any kind.
  • 100% pure, natural ingredients.
  • Made under strict UK controls.

Available as vegetable capsules containing 10:1 concentrated pure Damiana extract, equivalent to 5000mg dry herb.

Damiana Aphrodisiaca 500mg 10:1 concentrated extract, equivalent to 5000mg dry herb.
Other Ingredients; Rice Husk powder 20mg, Pullulan Capsule Shell.

Suggested intake: 1 capsule twice daily or two capsules once daily
Lewtress products contain NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, chemical excipients, binders, fillers and no added starch, sugar, salt, lactose or gluten.

Lewtress products are totally additive-free supplements of medicinal quality and are also totally free from ingredients that have been genetically modified.
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