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Bombyx Peptide Complex for Women
Bombyx Peptide Complex for Women
1 letterbox friendly pack (30 capsules)$50.40
Trial pack (10 capsules)$19.65

We are delighted to introduce our latest aphrodisiac for ladies - Bombyx Peptide Complex.

Bombyx Peptide complex represents pure alchemy for women.

An extraordinary supplement that is known to reignite flagging libido while at the same time improve energy, drive and cognitive function.

Bombyx peptides are a veritable powerhouse known for their ability to rejuvenate vitality levels, helping to counteract the natural ageing process. 


Suggested intake: 1 capsule daily.
Do not use this supplement if you suffer from un-controlled high blood pressure, or if you have a heart condition.  Do not use this supplement if you are under medical supervision, without first consulting your health care provider. 
Eurycoma For Women - Female Aphrodisiac
Eurycoma For Women
- Female Aphrodisiac
1 pack of 10 capsules Eurycoma for women$39.95
1 trial pack of 4 capsules Eurycoma for women$16.95

Rediscover your Sex Life with this super sexual performance enhancer

Eurycoma Complex for Women

At last Lewtress are now an official supplier of an incredibly potent and effective performance enhancer that is designed purely for women!
Feeling tired? Stressed? Not in the mood? Well women all around the world can now breathe a sigh of relief, as this product could be the answer to their problems.

Lewtress Eurycoma for Women is renowned for its effectiveness and for being the ultimate herbal sex enhancer for women.
This powerful, herbal formula has been widely used in Southeast Asia for centuries to help enhance the sexual health and vitality of women.
This product has quickly become a top seller around the world. Everyone’s trying it so why not give your libido a lift with Eurycoma for women.
EFW cannot only be used to aid those with sexual dysfunction, but can help overcome the common problems that affect a woman’s sex life due to the pressures of a modern lifestyle. Now at last we can provide you with a quick and easy solution to re-igniting your sex life.
EFW was designed specifically to help your body and your general well being, with an added bonus that it usually takes effect within 10-40 minutes!

What are the benefits?

  • Experience a more satisfied sex life. Enhances sex drive and desire 
  • Stimulates a womans libido. Increases energy level for extended performance
  • 100% natural formula. Increase frequency and intensity of orgasm
  • Long lasting – up to 4 days!

    Are there any side effects? 
    (Eurycoma for women contains 100% natural ingredients, which means that it works with your body naturally. Unlike many chemical products, side effects are very rare.
Recommended intake: 1 to 2 capsules as required (can be dissolved in warm water)
Caution: not to be used during pregnancy.
Viagel Stimulating Gel for Women 30ML
code: LEWTRESS-E20618
Viagel Stimulating Gel for Women 30ML
1 bottle$16.95
2 bottles$31.95
3 bottles$45.95


Viagel for Women, stimulating gel for the female genitals. Viagel enhances sensitivity and makes the experience of penetration even more intense. Many women use Viagel to achieve optimum sexual pleasure. The moment the gel is applied to the body, the genitals become more sensitive and adding to the mood. Just surrender to a wonderfully titillating sensation!!

Applying the gel on and around the clitoris improves the blood flow and results in alternating hot and cold tingling. The improved blood flow results in enhanced sensitivity and pleasure.

Viagel for Women enhances sensuality and is a guarantee for the female orgasm. It makes the clitoris extra sensitive, which provokes intense feelings of lust. When stimulated, this will result in a very intensive orgasm. These intense sensations will last for half an hour or even longer. When used on a regular basis, Viagel for Women will give increasingly better results.

Viagel for Women does not only give women an extra pleasant feeling. The fresh scent and taste also guarantee that oral sex becomes a more than welcome part of lovemaking.

Contents: 30 ml

Dosage: Apply the gel on and around the clitoris and massage gently.

Lewtress Super Strength Maca Extract Capsules
code: MACA
Lewtress Super Strength Maca Extract Capsules
1 letterbox friendly pack (30 days supply)$36.95
2 letterbox friendly packs (60 days supply)$66.95
3 letterbox friendly packs (90 days supply)$99.95

Maca for Energy, Hormone Balance and Libido.

Maca is classified as being adaptogenic. Adaptogens are herbs such as ginseng that are traditionally thought to help the body to adapt to increased or ambiguous stressors. 
Maca root extract is rich in alkaloids and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, silica, iodine, vitamins B1, B2, B12, C & E. Nutrients and essential minerals (selenium, calcium, magnesium, and iron), fatty acids including linolenic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acids, together with 19 amino acids, as well as polysaccharides and high levels of bioavailable calcium.
There is also a massive array of active phytochemicals (plant chemicals) present within Maca, including the legendary glucosinolates, macamides and macaenes.

Maca has been grown and consumed by South Americans for thousand of years. Lewtress Maca can enhance our immune system, increase brain capability, and improves our bodily functions. Lewtress Maca can revitalize men and women of middle and older age, alleviating physical and mental tiredness, it can prevent and reverse osteoporosis and anemia. Maca also regulates women's hormonal irregularities: menstruation, ease period pains and alleviate menopausal symptoms.

What is more, Maca is well known for its ability to increase fertility and has long been used as a booster of libido.  Clinical trials performed in men have shown that Maca extracts can heighten libido and improve semen quality.
Maca contains a chemical called p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate demonstrating aphrodisiac properties. Maca is regarded as the magic or symbol of youth.

Lewtress Super Strength Maca extract is used by people suffering from low sex drive and performance. Many women find it particularly helpful for menstrual pain, fatigue, hot flashes and menopausal symptoms.

Due to the high number of steroidal glycosides in Maca root extract, it is very popular with sports men and women, for not only promoting mental clarity, but for an increase in stamina and endurance.

  • Promotes the use of glucose in the bloodstream for energy and vitality (rather than being processed into fat storage)
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Promote mental clarity and concentration
  • Manufactured under strict GMP controls
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Vegetable (Pullulan) capsules containing 560mg ;
168mg pure Maca root extract 100:1 concentrate, equivalent to 16,800mg dried Maca root powder per capsule and 392mg Rose Hip powder. 

60 capsules per pot.
Suggested intake: 1 capsule twice a day, or 2 capsules once a day - or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Lewtress products contain NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, chemical excipients, binders, fillers and no added starch, sugar, salt, lactose or gluten.

Lewtress products are totally additive-free supplements of medicinal quality and are also totally free from ingredients that have been genetically modified.
1 letterbox friendly pack (30 days supply)$36.95
2 letterbox friendly packs (60 days supply)$66.95
3 letterbox friendly packs (90 days supply)$99.95
Pheremone Spray for Women 14ml
code: PH-E22466
Pheremone Spray for Women 14ml

For use by Women to attract Males.

Pheromones stimulate the natural desire, enhance the sensuality and contribute to a positive mood.

Pheromones are the invisible attraction in nature. Natural erotic scents that have a physical stimulant effect on the opposite sex. By one's body odor we get, often unconsciously, a special feeling for that person. By enticing smells pheromones stimulate the natural desire. Men have a musky air, while women spread a sweet and sophisticated air.

If you are hoping to attract a certain special gentleman, try this spray and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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