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Lewtress Ionic Colloidal Silver is a solution of extremely fine sub microscopic particles (.015 - .005 microns) of 99.99% pure silver held suspended in pharmaceutical grade pure distilled water by a positive electrical charge. Lethal to bacteria, viruses and moulds.
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Lewtress Ionic Colloidal Silver
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Lewtress Ionic Colloidal Silver
1 x 100ml bottle$31.95
2 x 100ml bottle$56.95
3 x 100ml bottle$84.95

Anti Viral - Anti Fungal  -  Anti Bacterial

Lewtress Ionic Colloidal Silver can be taken by mouth or used externally to combat bacterial, fungal and viral infections. It comes in a handy spray pump dispenser and one bottle gives up to 333 servings.

A powerful germicidal, Lewtress Ionic Colloidal Silver is an exceptional product that is non-toxic to the human body, but lethal to over 650 disease causing bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites and mould. Beware of cheap imitations which claim to be Ionic Colloidal Silver, but being produced by amateurs are nothing of the sort.

Lewtress have managed to product Ionic Colloidal Silver at a strength of over 10 parts per million making it one of the most potent on the market.

  • Natural, safe, nutritional support for the immune system during the ills & chills seasons
  • Assists the body's natural detoxification processes
  • Helps the natural immune function of the eyes, nose, ears & mouth
  • Natural skin care that specifically helps your skin's immune defences
  • Colloidal silver has been approved by the EPA as a disinfectant for hospitals and medical centers

What is Ionic Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic ions of silver.

Colloidal Silver has an amazing ability to support the body's immune system and was rediscovered by leading contemporary scientists. Colloidal Silver has a long medical history. The antibiotic benefits of colloidal silver were known in early Greek and Roman times. The positively charged ionic form has well documented broad anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and immuno-suppressive properties plus effectiveness on most parasite eggs. It is perfectly safe to take orally or to apply externally.

Government tests clearly indicate the superior benefits of charged ions - 300 to 17,000 times more effective than most salts or metallic forms. Silver ions are 17,000 times more effective in saline blood than metallic silver! Now you can utilise what they discovered and help your immune system effectively & naturally with our liquid mineral supplement.

Ingredients:  Pharmaceutical grade distilled water. Over 10 parts per million silver ions, held in suspension by a positive charge on each ionic colloidal silver particle. No additives or preservatives required or used in this product

Suggested intake: 3-6 sprays orally, or 3-6 sprays on skin. Can also be used round the home to combat mold for example, you can even add it to pet water.
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