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Loss of sexual desire or performance can lead to problems in relationships. Men need to have confidence when faced with intimate encounters. Lewtress have been selling the best quality male support supplements for over 15 years. The vast majority of men come back for repeat orders again and again.
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Mega Beast Mens Pill
Mega Beast Men's Pill
1 pack (10 capsules)$43.99
3 packs (3 x 10 capsules)$118.95

Our ALL Natural and Super Potent Male Performance Supplement

Unleash the 'Beast' in you!!

  • Last Longer
  • 95% success rate
  • Works for all adult males of all ages 
  • Increased confidence in the bedroom
  • Ground breaking mix of natural ingredients
  • Staying power


Sometimes men wish for more confidence and staying power in the bedroom. Research shows that modern lifestyles are leading to a decrease in bedroom activity, and much of this is due to the physical effects of a busy lifestyle. Trust Lewtress to help you get back your male esteem.

Throughout the world, natural ingredients have been taken to support male confidence. Erectile dysfunction is surprisingly common for most men at some point during their life. 

Our supplements are extremely popular, with most customers coming back to us again and again!!

We dispatch all our products in plain unmarked packaging.



OMUBORO (African Cherry) 100.00 mg - The main ingredient in Mega Beast is derived from an extremely rare cherry fruit called the African Cherry. May help with male enlargement and extend sexual performance. May improve male health and energy levels.

MONDIA WHYTIE 75.00 mg - Aphrodisiac traditionally used to support impotency problems, fertility and sexual desire.

TURNERA DIFFUSA 75.00 mg - Traditionally used to increase sexual desire as an aphrodisiac. May also support mental and physical stamina.

RADIX PANIX GINSENG 50.00 mg – Traditionally used to support the male libido. It supports sexual performance and e.d. Supports cholesterol reduction, immune system and enhance physical stamina.

CATUABA 50.00 mg - Traditionally used to heighten sexual arousal and supports many sexual performance issues. Supports with trouble sleeping and high blood pressure.

L-ARGININE 30.00 mg - Supports e.d. and may help arteries relax and improve blood circulation. May help kidneys remove waste from the body.

Directions: Take 1-2 capsules as necessary with warm water 40 minutes before a sexual encounter. You will feel the effects of Mega Beast for up to 4 days. Take no more than 2 capsules in 24 hours.

Cautions: Mega Beast is a food supplement for men and is not a substitute for a healthy diet. Those on medical supervision should consult a doctor before taking Mega Beast. This product is not suitable for pregnant women. Keep away from children. Store in a cool place. 

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