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Healthy heart natural medicine The flavonoids found in Lewtress Hawthorn capsules can significantly improve circulation to the heart, whilst the Glycosides contained in Hawthorn can improve the tone of the heart.
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Hawthorn Berry Extract
Hawthorn Berry Extract
1 pot (60 x 500mg capsules) - 30 days supply$19.95
2 pots (120 x 500mg capsules) - 60 days supply$35.95
3 pots (180 x 500mg capsules) - 90 days supply$53.95

For a healthy heart and natural blood pressure control

The flavonoids found in Lewtress Hawthorn capsules can significantly improve circulation to the heart. Glycosides contained in Lewtress Hawthorn formula can increase (improve) the tone of the heart, making the heart work more smoothly and efficiently.
The success of Lewtress Hawthorn, as a supplement, has made it one of the most popular herbal extracts in the Western World.

Hawthorn is a member of the rose family and grows as a bushy shrub. It is native to Great Britain, Europe, North America and North Africa.
Hawthorns’ pink and white flowers, leaves and berries are full of bioflavonoids and other natural antioxidant chemical compounds, said to be more powerful than the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. 

Lewtress Hawthorn berry extract capsules contain a concentrated powder that is standardised (guaranteed) to contain 2% Vitexin (the active compound found naturally in Hawthorn berries). This is a high potency product, which means that it will tackle the problem directly and most importantly, naturally. 

  • Helps maintain a health heart.
  • Helps balance blood pressure.
  • Reduces cholesterol naturally.
  • An aid to the circulatory system.
  • May help reduce cardiovascular risks.
  • Helps you sleep more soundly.
  • Free from any flavorings, additives or preservatives of any kind.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • 100% pure and natural ingredients.
  • Manufactured under strict UK controls. 

Each vegetable capsule (Pullulan) containing 500mg of pure Hawthorn Berry extract, 10:1 concentration, standardized to contain 1.83% Vitexin, providing 9.15mg Vitexin per capsule – equivalent to 5000mg whole dried herb. 

Suggested intake: 1 capsule twice daily
Do not use if taking prescription medication for heart conditions without first consulting your doctor or health care provider.
Lewtress products contain NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, chemical excipients, binders, fillers and no added starch, sugar, salt, lactose or gluten.

Lewtress products are totally additive-free supplements of medicinal quality and are also totally free from ingredients that have been genetically modified.
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